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2323 Hyde Street

Offered at $14,900,000


In the heart of Russian Hill is a storied residential treasure waiting to be re-discovered. Famed San Francisco architect Willis Polk (1867-1924) grandly designed the Mediterranean-style mansion at 2323 Hyde Street in 1900 for Fanny Osborn-Stevenson, the widow of author Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894), the author of "Treasure Island."


The original concept of the house was to be an assorted blend of Mediterranean Revival and Tudor styles. As a tribute to the infamous author, Polk designed a richly colored stain glass window, which still sets today, in the elegant main staircase of the home. It depicts the ship Hispaniola, which was notably featured in "Treasure Island." This historic property has 6 bedrooms, 6 en suite bathrooms, 2 powder rooms and 3 fire- places. It also has a beautifully landscaped garden, roof terrace and patio. There is 4-car parking and an elevator that services all levels.


In order to maintain the property with a modern lifestyle, the current owners engaged Architect Joe Farrell and Landmark Builders to restore the old world charm of the property while incorporating all of the modern amenities associated with a luxury property. A truly magnificent residence with encompassing views of the Bay, Alcatraz and Treasure Island, as wells as the downtown cityscape- the perfect venue for writing a good novel.... 

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